23. September 2023

Invest in Crypto with Ease: J’JO Launches CCi30 Investment Service

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• J’JO has launched a CCi30-based investment service to make investing in crypto easier and safer for beginners and pros.
• The rising demand for simplicity in the crypto market has created an opportunity for index investing, which is similar to traditional index funds but tracks multiple cryptocurrencies at once.
• J’JO aims to make crypto investing more accessible and safer by giving users access to good investments, even without in-depth knowledge or experience.

The Growing Demand For Easier Crypto Investing

Global crypto ownership rose by 39% last year, going from 306 million to 425 million. This influx of new users is a positive sign for the industry, but also calls for simpler services that are ready to cater to new, less tech-savvy audiences. Index investing can provide this solution as it has already done so across traditional finance markets.

J’JO Investment Service

J’JO Investment Service was developed as a response to the growing need for an accessible solution that could help retail investors optimize their investments with little or no prior experience in the market. By bringing index investing to crypto, J’JO aims to make crypto investing more accessible and safer while helping users generate better returns on their investments.

What Is Crypto Index Investing?

Crypto-based indices work similarly to traditional index funds—i.e., they track multiple cryptocurrencies at once. This allows users with different financial goals and risk appetites access into the market without having detailed knowledge of all individual assets that go into building an optimal portfolio. This way, investors can create diversified portfolios without having to manage each asset separately or take risks beyond their comfort level due to lack of expertise in certain digital currencies.

Making Crypto Investing Accessible & Safer

By making it easier for new investors who don’t have extensive market knowledge or experience, J’JO seeks to improve financial planning by providing them access into the cryptocurrency world through index funds and other associated tools like portfolio rebalancing, tax optimization etc., thus making it safer for them as well as allowing them higher returns on their investments than otherwise possible if done manually or through other platforms alone..


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