1. October 2023

Gain Fractional Ownership of Precious Metals with Sparklo (SPRK)

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• The article discusses the evolution of blockchain technology and new projects popping up to provide solutions for traditional investment spaces. An example of this is Sparklo, which provides fractionalized NFTs representing precious metals.
• It also talks about Polygon (MATIC) and Solana (SOL) as competing projects that have seen a decrease in value, leading investors to diversify their portfolios.
• Finally, it mentions Sparklo (SPRK), which will enable investments in silver, gold, and platinum through fractional ownership of non-fungible tokens (NFTs).


The blockchain space is ever-evolving with new projects popping up consistently to provide solutions to issues in the traditional investment space. One such project is Sparklo that will be the go-to platform where investors can easily begin making investments in fractionalized NFTS that represent precious metals.

Competing Projects

Due to the decrease in the value of competing projects such as Polygon (MATIC) and Solana (SOL), investors and traders are diversifying their portfolios at these times. On April 21st 2023, Jordi Baylina and Bobbin Threadbare will participate in Starkware’s L2 Peace, while Polygon (MATIC) will hold a zkEVM Mainnet Beta AMA on April 20th 2023 where they will provide updates on security, performance metrics and roadmap. On April 20th 2023, the Polygon cryptocurrency traded at $1.09 with a 1.3% decrease in the last 24 hours and 4.3% overall decrease in two weeks. Helium Network has migrated its network into Solana (SOL) but its coin still saw a 1.6% dip over 24 hours period with 4.7% loss over seven days period as of April 20th 2023 when it traded at $22.75 .

Sparklo Platform

Sparklo will be the go-to investment platform providing an opportunity for anyone globally to make investments in silver, gold or platinum through fractional ownership of non-fungible tokens(NFTs). Every time an investment is made an NFT is minted allowing investors full ownership rights upon purchase of any percentage or entire representation of a gold bar for example that can then be delivered at location of choice by investor . The Level One presale price for Sparkling token was set at 0.03 USDT per SPRK token .


Sparkling offers many benefits such as safekeeping assets stored on blockchain , higher liquidity , reduced cost compared to other services , free transfer between wallets , fractionalization allowing users more control over how much they are investing while still gaining exposure to whole asset plus more features like real time pricing & tracking .


Sparklo is an innovative project aiming to provide an easy solution for people who are looking for ways to invest their money without risking too much or losing it all due to market fluctuations or other factors influencing traditional investments . With its numerous benefits compared to other existing services it could become one of most popular platforms for investing safely & securely into various valuable assets using blockchain technology .

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