1. October 2023

Fold12 Launches Bitcoin Blockchain NFT Collection, Outpaces YL Copycat

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• Fold12 has just announced the release of its Bitcoin blockchain NFT collection, running on the Ordinals protocol.
• Yuga Labs was caught stealing their logo and decided to copy Fold12’s NFT collection.
• Fold12’s auction offers a 300-piece NFT collection, hosted on the Bitcoin network, with the first mints already inscribed into the Ordinals protocol registry.

Fold12 Launches Bitcoin Blockchain NFT Collection

The Fold12 project recently announced the release of its Bitcoin blockchain Non-fungible Token (NFT) collection; this is the first auction to run on the Ordinals protocol. The 300-piece NFT collection is arranged in a 12×12 grid, compressed by webp algorithm for lower commissions when storing an image on the Bitcoin network. Each NFT incorporates 3D elements and hand-drawn components with Fold12’s logo displayed in bottom left corner.

Yuga Labs Borrows Idea For Own NFT Collection

After being caught stealing their logo, BAYC decided to borrow Fold12’s idea and launch an exact copy of the project using their extensive marketing capabilities; however, it is clear that both collections are attracting great public attention as Fold12’s first NFT has been bought at auction for 2 BTC.

Participate In Auction

In order to participate in this auction users need to create a wallet and deposit it with Bitcoin which unlocks its bidding mechanics. The auction for each image lasts for 20 minutes which can be extended by another 20 minutes if a new user places a bid.

Confirmation Of Priority Release

Fold12 has received confirmation of their priority release against YL both on the Bitcoin network and in Ordinal protocols registry with first mints inscribed into it.

Contact Information

Those who want more information about Fold12 can contact them through email: Hello@fold12.com or visit Anna Meisch-Lennoix’s website at fold 12 dot com located in Berlin Germany

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