Already over 12 million traders worldwide use eToro!

2. How does eToro work? The graphical interface of the website, as well as the eToro mobile application, is quite intuitive. Users can quickly familiarize themselves with the “one-click trading”. eToro Reference Prices Reference Prices. The current market prices are visible on the eToro platform. All purchases and sales made on eToro are done through […]

What exactly is Bitcoin Revolution?

Trading a digital currency is an important source of income for many people. Some even make a living and make a good living from it. However, the market is a little uncertain, so it can happen that the trader earns very well one month and much less the next. This is especially the case for […]

Crypto tax service provider Lukka raises $53m in investment capital

Crypto tax service provider Lukka raises $53m in investment capital Lukka plans to use the funds raised to provide further service for crypto derivatives, DeFi products and other crypto investment products. Just weeks before American citizens are required to file their tax returns, a Bitcoin Up scam crypto company specialising in tax auditing and accounting […]

Advokater advarer Elon Musks Bitcoin-tweets kan tiltrekke SECs ire

Elon Musks voldsomme Twitter-aktivitet kan få ham i varmt vann med SEC ifølge advokater. Juridiske rådgivere har advart om at Tesla-konsernsjef Elon Musk kan komme under tilsyn fra US Security and Exchange Commission over hans sosiale medieaktivitet og offentlige uttalelser rundt Bitcoin. Mandag 8. februar kunngjorde Tesla i en SEC-arkivering at de hadde kjøpt $ […]

Comment les centres de données de crypto-mining

Comment les centres de données de crypto-mining pourraient créer une chaîne alimentaire plus autonome dans les pays nordiques Il n’y a pas d’image plus optimiste qu’une oasis dans le désert. Mais qu’en est-il d’une serre chaude dans un paysage hivernal nordique ? Il y a une serre dans le nord de la Suède qui pourrait […]